A wide range of product category is the first level of customization we provide for our riders of all different purposes. As our Research and Design team continues to develop, we move on to the next level of customization; we personalize. Using the experiences we have with our professional cycling team, we strive to provide an exclusive customization service to riders out there who wish to pursue a more advanced level of cycling. With body measurements taken during a bike fitting session, we will build a bicycle to maximize your riding performance. From finding the most suitable frame size, to putting together the components of your choice, you will get to be involved in the process of building the bike that is unique to yourself.


As every rider has their own set of expectations for the performance of their bicycle, we strive to meet all of them. Being cyclist ourselves, we know how an ill-fitted bicycle makes riding absolutely unbearable. No passion should be dampened by the discomfort caused by a bicycle that doesn’t fit. Vento X gives you the chance to tailor, build and design our UCI Certified carbon bikes unique to you.

After measurements are taken, fit yourself on one of the many frame sizes available in our Vento series. Frames feature:

UD-Carbon Fiber Layup | Aerodynamic Tapered Profiles | Stiffness at Reinforced Joints | Aerodynamic Seatpost | Full Internal Routing | Di2 Compatible

First ever locally designed frame to attain UCI Certification.

CHOOSE and BUILD your components according to your preference and riding style;

Full Groupset Choice (10 or 11 Speed)

Crank Set | Front Derailleur | Rear Derailleur | Shifters & Brake Levers | Bottom Bracket | Cassette Ratio | Wheelset (Custom Build)

With Vento X, have the freedom to design and select the colour and decals of your liking

Custom Decals | Name Personalization | Color Scheme | Paint finish


Tried and tested by our very own avid cyclists! Find out what our bikes have been put through here.

AB70020-UTG-A-CUSTOM PURPLETried and tested by our very own avid cyclists! Find out what our bikes have been put through here.

AB70020-UTG-B-CUSTOM BLUETried and tested by our very own avid cyclists! Find out what these bikes have been put through here.

AB70022UTG 14 LioePaoChiang 4

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