Our Story


Born in the 1960s, founder of Aleoca Pro Singapore Pte Ltd, Mr Alan Goh’s childhood was fraught with poverty and hardship.

Back in those days, a bowl of noodles was $0.05, and a bottle of soft drinks we call “holland water” in Hokkien comes with a candy at $0.05. Growing up, everybody played by the roads together. We would all gather around the taokay’s house to watch their black and white television, and ride on their delivery bicycles.”

Like every other kid, owning a bicycle was a dream. Mr Goh, then 10 years old, made a deal with his father that if he did well in the coming examinations, he will receive a bicycle. He worked hard, and it indeed paid off. With the examination papers returned with results written in black ink this time, he proudly went to his father. The proud father smiled and gave a pat on his son’s head.

If we start saving this month, we should be able to get him a bicycle in 3 months time!

Whether or not Mr Goh eventually got his bicycle remains a mystery, as each time he recalls the story, it ends as it is above.

Back in those days, my father needed to save up for 3 months to buy a bicycle. I want to change this. I want to make all parents be able to afford a bicycle for their children. I want to make quality and affordable bicycles for people of all income level, for them to be able to fulfill what their children want. Isn’t that what parents do?

Therefore, comes the mission statement of the company;

To build quality and affordable bicycles for all type of cyclist.


Aleoca was established in Singapore since 1996. Despite sprouting from a small country, Aleoca aspires towards the international market. The most basic function of a bicycle is to serve as a transport. On top of designing it to serve its purpose, we view each of our bicycle as an artwork. Through the years of designing and building bicycles, we have developed a wide range of product category for all types of riders, from young to old, the daily commuters to the avid cyclist. We believe that no one should be denied the opportunity to ride, and thus, we strive to keep our prices competitive to uphold our company’s mission from day one; To build quality and affordable bicycles for all type of cyclist.

Aleoca currently distributes mainly in hypermarkets and departmental stores within Asia. To date, Aleoca has business presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and China. With a combined warehouse and factory space of 60,000 sq ft from Aleoca Singapore and Aleoca China, Aleoca is paving its way to be the leading bicycle manufacturer in Asia. These facilities have enabled Aleoca to produce OEM bicycles for international customers such as Latin America, North and South America, Middle East and Italy.

In the year 2014, Aleoca picked up the sponsorship of the Kenyan Riders, a cycling team from Iten, Kenya. To read more about the team, click here


Aleoca LOGOYears of active: 1996-2009

Aleoca (Logo)

Years of active: 2009-Present



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Being the first bicycle brand to enter departmental stores and hypermarts, Aleoca Pro Singapore broke conventional stereotype that bicycles can only be sold in bicycle stores. We continue to reach into the hearts of neighborhoods, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of buying a bicycle at the best value of price