Pushing to the limit: Vento Bike Achievements

There’s no better level of product testing than pushing our bikes to their limit on the roads.
Our valuable team of customers, each riding their custom frames unique to themselves, have taken part in countless cycling events all over the world. Plenty of these rides and events place physical and mental strength not only on the rider, but also stress on their bikes and equipment as well.

Collated below are only few of the many prestigious and demanding events our riders and their Vento X bikes have completed. Ride on!

IRONMAN France 2016 

Ironman France 2016Just last month, one of our riders successfully completed Ironman France. As an introduction, a full Ironman triathlon includes a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride ending of with a 42km run. The terrain in France featured a bike stage with almost 1,000m of elevation. Equipped with a shallow profile climbing wheel-set, the striking light blue custom Vento X.3 was pushed up steep climbs and endured winding and technical descents over the scenic 180km bike route.

IRONMAN Cairns – Australia 2016

In another part of the world, yet another Aleoca Vento  bike was put through a windy and grueling 180km bike segment during the Ironman Cairns Asia-Pacific Championship triathlon.Ironman Cairns 2016Glittering Purple X.3 bike equipped with our custom built aero carbon wheels at the transition zone!

EPIC Riders 1000 km Ride, Malaysia to Singapore

A non-profit organisation operated by a group of cycling enthusiast riding for charity, the Epic Cyclist group has since 2012 til now, held annual long distance rides every year to raise funds for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation. Going the extra mile each year, qualifying for the actual EPIC 1000km ride itself requires participants to go through 500km trial rides to qualify. A true test of endurance and perseverance, and also for a good cause helping charity. Find out more about this amazing initiative and the Epic Cyclists here: www.facebook.com/the.epic.ride

Since the start, our riders have taken part in several editions of the 500km trials and actual 1000km rides. Here are a few pictures of them in action!IMG_0572


Century Rides

A century ride is a bicycle ride of 100 miles, which is equivalent to 160km. Usually a big event with many groups of cyclist participating, century rides are a test of endurance and perseverance – as an average century would take anywhere from 5 to 6 hours for an average cyclist to complete. Together with other local cycling groups, many of our Aleoca riders have taken part and completed different century rides overseas. We’ve had riders complete Melaka Century, Perak Century, Kuantan Century Ride and our local 168km Bike Rally organised by NTU.

Perak Century Ride

Taiwan KOM (King of the Mountain) Challenge Taiwan KOMRiding and providing support for our Kenyan Team, our bikes have ridden the Taiwan King of the Mountain challenge and also along countrysides during the Tan Tock Seng Charity Ride.

Always riding, local and abroad

When riders of all different walks of life come together to ride – we’re all playing a part and making our cycling community in Singapore a more diverse and friendly one. remember to say hi if you see our Vento Bikes on the road!

Our Sunday SpinPicture taken at Seletar Airport, with Cyclenauts – A local cycling group with many strong and senior members

The 26th China International Bicycle & Motor Fair

Whether you own a bicycle to commute, to ride leisurely with the family at the comfort of the park, or even to push power endurance and seek a new level of adrenaline, bicycle remains to be a very relevant tool in our lives. While the functionality of bicycles remains unchanged over the years, new innovation and technology continues to surface in the market. And where better than a trade show to showcase all these new ideas.

Aleoca Pro Singapore Pte Ltd has been actively participating in fairs and at this time of the year, the annual China International Bicycle & Motor Fair is back again. Like every other year, we have made preparation for this exhibition as long as 6 months in advance. From R & D of the bicycles to the booth set up, we take pride in each and every details during the preparatory phase, and the visuals that we set sight to present to you.

So here’s presenting to you, Aleoca Pro Singapore in The 26th China International Bicycle & Motor Fair:





Having actively participating in the past few China International Bicycle & Motor Fair, we have fostered more than just business relationships, but also made many friends over the years. As we continue to ride on our passion in producing the finest quality of products of all ranges and services for you, we invite you to come visit us at our booth.


Exhibition ground:

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC)

333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

Hall 3, Booth A0803




In view of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, Aleoca have specially created 3 exclusive series of bicycle to celebrate the nation’s birthday that are retailed exclusively at our partnered hyper markets. Each bearing highly iconic and meaningful logos and designs, this exclusive series of bicycles allow Singaporeans to show their patriotism through a twist, and at the same time, promoting active living and reducing carbon footprint.

16″ Little Red Dot, 小红点

The Little Red Dot

Breaking through the conventional single colored frame, we launched a 16″ folding bicycle with little red polka dots plastered all over the frame. “Little Red Dot”, a nickname that is very often used as reference to Singapore, translates into a design that effective portrays Singapore: versatile, fun, and lively.

One People, One Nation, One Singapore

If you had THAT specific melody and you sang along with the above caption in your head, you are getting it right. Abstracted from one of the most well known National Day song, One People, One Nation, One Singapore, the lyric exhibits the unity that Singapore has one.

50th Singapore-BS-15 Combi

In August of  year 2015, 1310 units of Little Red Dot were introduced into the Singapore market at a stunning retail price of SGD 50. To achieve this undeniably attractive price for this 16″ folding bicycle, each of the SG50 Little Red Dot bicycles are heavily subsidized, driven with the intention of returning back to the community on the very special year that marks Singapore’s 50th year of independence. |

SG50 Jubilee Ride50th Singapore-RTO-15 Combi

Enterprise 50 Award 2015

As we enter into Singapore’s Golden Jubilee year in 2015, we joined in the nationwide celebration by producing an exclusive series of bicycles for SG50. Within the very same year, we were shortlisted and awarded the Enterprise 50 Awards 2015 for the very first time.

The Enterprise 50 Award, also commonly known as The E50 Award, is jointly organised by The Business Times and KPMG, supported by the International Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Business Federation and SPRING Singapore to give recognition to Singapore’s fifty most enterprising local companies. An award serves as a mark of excellence and confirmation of one’s ability. Being able to be recognized as one of the E50 companies, Aleoca Pro Singapore Pte Ltd is humbled and at the same time, more inspired than ever to continue serving our customers not only in Singapore, but from all around the world, to build quality and affordable bicycles for all types of cyclist.

E 50  2015 2

Special thanks to Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) Mr S Iswaran for gracing the evening and the speech that was shared, the organizing committee of The Enterprise 50 Award 2015, all our business partners, and last but definitely not the least, our valued customers that has continued to show us support since the beginning of time. We strive to improve and continue to take the company to a greater heights!